Regulation of Exports, Imports and Customs Affairs of the Free Trade-industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Chapter I - Definitions
In this enactment, the following terms are used instead of the related phrases that have been described:
 Zone: Each of the free trade-industrial zone established or to be established by law.
 Act: The law on how to manage the free trade-industrial zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran, approved in 1993 and other laws that will be approved in this field in the future.
 Customs territory: The country of the Islamic Republic of Iran is its territorial waters and airspace, where the customs and export and import regulations of the country are fully implemented.
 Supreme Council: Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
 Organization: The organization of any free trade-industrial zone
 Port and airport tolls: are the funds that the organization receives from the owners of goods or air shipping companies in return for providing port and airport facilities for maritime, air freight and air flight.
 Service costs: are the funds that received by the organization of each zone for warehousing, unloading, freight, loading, stacking, extra services, testing and tariffing, certification of origin and other services when exporting and importing, transit, transshipment and return (return) of goods are carried out.
 Value added: the price difference of goods after deducting the value of the materials used in its production.
 Value: Regarding the goods imported to the free zones, it is the c.i.f price of the goods
 Regulation of exports, imports and customs affairs of free zones: These are the regulations that are implemented within the framework of the law on how to manage free zones with the approval of the Supreme Council and by the organization in free zones.
 Organization Customs: is a unit of the zone's organization that enforces the regulation of exports, imports in each zone.
 Zone's Customs Office: is a unit of the Iranian Customs that enforces the regulation of exports, imports.

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