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International Campus of Tehran University

The University of Tehran, with the support of more than 70 years of effective experience in the field of education and research and in order to respond to the growing demand for higher education candidates at home and abroad and according to its long-term strategic plans, scientific, educational and research, International Campus Has launched Aras. This campus will be a manifestation of the serious presence of the University of Tehran in the international arena. Aras International Campus of the University of Tehran, in accordance with its macro and long-term strategic goals, will be developed inside and outside the country and will provide the ground for attracting domestic volunteers and foreign applicants to study to meet the needs of the community at home and abroad. The professional staff is of high quality, so Aras International Campus is a high quality university with international educational and research standards that will compete with other universities in the world in the international arena by training efficient and effective graduates. The academic staff of Aras International Campus is composed of experienced faculty members of the University of Tehran and other prestigious universities in Iran, as well as visiting foreign professors from prestigious universities around the world.

Office of the President: 4203024825-041
Deputy Support Office: 4203024827 and 4203024824-041
Office of the Deputy Minister of Education and Research: 4203024826-041
Fax: 4203024820-041
Email: araspardisedu@ut.ac.ir and aras@can.ut.ac.ir
Website: http://aras.ut.ac.ir

Aras International Campus, University of Tabriz

The University of Tabriz, with the support of more than 60 years of effective experience in the field of education and research and in order to respond to the growing demand for higher education candidates at home and abroad and according to its long-term strategic plans, scientific, educational and research, International Campus Has launched Aras. This campus is in fact a unit of the University of Tabriz located in the Aras Free Trade-Industrial Zone (Jolfa), which also has many tourist and commercial attractions, in order to develop the university's educational and research activities at the national and international levels in This region was established at the beginning and from October 2009 with the admission of master's degree students in four fields of study: 1- Private Law 2- Geography and Urban Planning 3- English Language Teaching and 4- Food Industry and started operating in September of the academic year 1389 with the increase of the number of courses to 9 courses (in addition to the above four courses in five courses 1 - Executive Management (EMBA) 2 - Computer Science 3 - Civil Engineering - Structure 4 - Electrical Engineering - Power and 5 - Agricultural Biotechnology Has enhanced its scientific activities.

The goals of Aras International Campus are:
Establishment of regional scientific centers to help promote the culture and knowledge of the community
Creating and developing required national and regional disciplines
Training of specialized human resources at the international level
Creating a suitable environment for using the existing facilities and capabilities of the region in the development of higher education
Scientific support of economic, social, cultural and regional centers
Attracting and directing those interested in continuing their studies abroad to Aras International Campus
Website: http://arasp.tabrizu.ac.ir

 International Branch of Payame Noor Jolfa University

In 2003, Payame Noor Jolfa University in Jolfa city started working with 1 undergraduate degree (business management) with 45 students, which over time has developed a lot in terms of quantity, so that now in 12 academic orientations (5 New field) through the national entrance examination (computer engineering, political science, business management, industrial management, tourism management, law, economics, theology, history of Islamic nations, Persian language and literature, accounting, social sciences, research orientation and social sciences) And welfare) and 7 majors (accounting, business management, theology majoring in the history of Islamic nations, Persian language and literature, economics, social sciences majoring in research and social sciences majoring in cooperation and welfare) admits students and 1,200 undergraduate students in These centers are studying.

Presidency (Yaghoub Alizadeh): Fax: 42023837 - Contact Phone: 42026450
Administrative Officer - Trustworthy Property - Public Relations (Mehdi Khalfi): 42026011
Responsible for education - curriculum planning (Alireza Azimi): 42026012
Financial Officer (Financial Agent) (Ms. Mohammad Jafari): 42026499
Student mobilization: 42024065
Postal address: Jolfa, Aras Free Trade-Industrial Zone, Resalat Boulevard, next to Customs Residential Town
Website: http://pnujolfa.ac.ir

 Amico Scientific-Applied Training Center

Amico Applied Science Training Center, as a new branch of activity of Amico Industrial Group and based on the history of brilliant activities of this group in the field of production since February 2013, has started accepting students in the field of automotive industry and in the first phase in associate degree (modular system) . Operated under the auspices of the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences, the center is an agile and self-governing economic skills training center focusing on providing educational and research activities in the automotive industry and training technicians and skilled professionals in the international classroom. The vision of becoming the first international center for applied science education in the automotive industry with an innovative perspective in the country is a unique vision based on the potentials of the industrial group and the ideals of the group's leadership, relying on powerful local executive arms and expert consultants. And its realization is being pursued internationally. Amico Applied Science Center considers pioneering in the field of education and decision-making and agile implementation as one of its core values ​​and intends to become a top educational brand in its field of activity and add another golden leaf in providing its services. For the semester of October 2014, this center operates in four associate degrees and one discontinuous bachelor degree.

Associate Degrees Included
Associate of assembly of mechanical systems
Car quality control associate
  Car after-sales service associate
  Technical associate of car mechanics
  Technical associate of car mechanics
  Discontinuous bachelor's degree included
  Automotive Technology Engineering
  Phone: 04142072202
  Address of the central building: Aras-Jolfa free zone-km 5 of Marand road




Aras Free Zone during the three recent economic, social and cultural development programs relying on knowledge-based management and capable consultants as well as motivated and specialized staff has become a pioneer region in the country and in terms of performance has indeed turned into a model for other free zones within the country and among countries of the region.

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