Dasht-e Gordian

(Gordian Plain)

Dasht-e Gordian (Gordian Plain) is located in the north of Hadishahr, 5 km southeast of Jolfa town. It is bounded by the heights of Uch Tappeh, Aras River and the asphalt border road of Jolfa-Siyahrood in the north. To the east, are the lands of Noshravan villag. The heights of southern Hadishar town form a natural boundary in the south of the plain. To the west, saline lands of Shoja and Tabriz-Jolfa railway stand.

Based on the measures taken, 1833 hectares of Dasht-e Gordian lands were identified as suitable for cultivation, of which 1421 hectares were used for gardens (apricots, grapes, pistachios, cherries, hazelnuts, apples and the rest for mixed cultivation) and 412 hectares for cultivation of (alfalfa, corn stover and weeds along with wheat and barley) were separated.

Considering the existing capacities in production supply, Dasht-e Gordian (Gordian Plain) can be regarded as one of the export platforms for horticultural products. At present, about 20,000 tons of horticultural products are produced annually in that plain. It is worth mentioning that employment rate is 1560 people.

Aras Free Zone during the three recent economic, social and cultural development programs relying on knowledge-based management and capable consultants as well as motivated and specialized staff has become a pioneer region in the country and in terms of performance has indeed turned into a model for other free zones within the country and among countries of the region.

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