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In today's world, the policy-making and decision-making process at various levels requires special organization. Rapid global developments and increasing dimensions of development are among the factors that highlight the need for rapid policy-making and decision-making patterns. This is not possible without extensive use of new ideas and documentation and summarizing the experiences and opinions of experts and creative people. In this regard, the Aras Free Zone think tank will be formed to use the opinions, ideas and suggestions of veterans, university graduates, professors, experts and Arsonds living inside and outside the area and other interested parties in the development of the region.
Definition of think tank:
The center of decision-making and structure for collective thinking is methodical.
The need to form a think tank:
The think tank can be an advisory arm for managers. In the think tank, people who have good experience and research potential and are also creative and innovative can help executives make appropriate decisions with their ideas and thoughts. There are many ways to develop creativity in the think tank. The following highlights the need for a think tank:
Thinking base
Creating Thought
Database and receive thoughts
Identify opportunities and threats
Creating a forum for thinking, strengthening cooperation and intellectual participation
Review and exchange views on general, complex and specific issues
Promoting and spreading the culture of working group
Upgrade the capabilities of experts
Thinking about different issues and topics and creating new ideas and thoughts
Review and exchange views on proposed projects
Strengthening and growing the sincere spirit, spreading the culture of language, empathy and convergence in the development of Aras Free Zone.
duties :
Accurate identification of the problem / problem and the factors influencing its creation.
Gather the necessary information about the identified factors.
Analyze the causes of the problem, categorize them based on importance and other criteria.
Find different solutions to each of the root causes.
Selecting the most appropriate solutions to implement.
Follow the implementation of selected solutions and review their results.
Prepare and compile a report of referred plans and projects and send it to the relevant authorities.
Discussion and exchange of reports, plans and projects carried out by experts in the field and its critique.
Generate and create appropriate ideas for solving problems as well as formulating, formulating and documenting them.
How to work:
In the first stage, the call for membership in the think tank is published by the Deputy Minister of Social Culture and Tourism, and after registering through the site or completing the form, the interested people attend the introductory meetings of each think tank and select their group leader and secretary. And work in accordance with the existing goals and regulations and in line with the policies of the Aras Free Zone Organization.
The think tank is formed in two ways:
Establishment of a think tank with a specific topic: in which case, first send the agenda of the meeting to the members and then the members of the think tank present their additional comments.
Establishment of a think tank with a general topic: The initial opinions of the members are obtained in order to identify the topic and explain it, then the topic is sent to the relevant field according to expertise and experience to prepare the required plan. If the issue needs to be raised again in the think tank, action will be taken similar to the first type of meetings.
Thought Room Features:
Collective wisdom
Increase the volume of information
Expand relationships and interactions
Summarizing and combining thoughts
Production of intellectual products and transmission to the audience
Increase creativity for data generation
Variety of specialties
Focusing efforts on current issues
Do not get involved in executive matters and formalities
Expected Results:
Creating and strengthening the critical spirit
Promote a culture of teamwork in various fields
Generate new ideas
Provide effective designs.
Upgrading the capabilities of experts
Nurturing creative and risk-taking people.
Preparation of reports, projects and practical and problem-oriented plans

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Aras Free Zone during the three recent economic, social and cultural development programs relying on knowledge-based management and capable consultants as well as motivated and specialized staff has become a pioneer region in the country and in terms of performance has indeed turned into a model for other free zones within the country and among countries of the region.

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