General education in Aras free zone
In the field of public education, the Aras Free Zone Organization operates at two levels
Public education (culture building)
In-service training of personnel
Development of educational institutions and higher education
In the field of public education, due to the process of change in the local community and public awareness of the process of change and prevention of the destructive effects of economic growth in the region, which is proportional to the development of civic education at the top of cultural programs and in this regard only Last year, 21 booklets, pamphlets, and educational software were produced and distributed as free packages to schools, universities, and families.
In addition to these general programs, the education unit aims to empower specific sections of society such as students, officials and employees of offices and companies located in the region, farmers (according to the region's superior strategy in agriculture and the existence of Gardian and Golfaraj plains and creating a plan Greenhouse town and Pro Tien town in the region) and graduates exposed to unemployment have been held numerous seminars and workshops including globalization, strategic thinking, resistance to change and sociology of change, entrepreneurship and ....
Also, in order to institutionalize the interaction of the three pillars of university-government-industry in order to develop the region and cooperation and constructive interaction with universities and industries in the region, admission and introduction of interns and university interns in different units of the region has been possible.
In the field of personnel training, due to the special position of human resources and intellectual capital in the development of Aras Free Zone, the Education Council of the organization started its activities in 1986 and by compiling different training courses and implementing it by the training unit and sending personnel to different courses Education As much as possible, the knowledge needed to accelerate the development process of the region is applied. During the last year, the managers, experts and employees of the organization have participated in more than 40 training courses, seminars and workshops in different parts of the country and within the organization and have participated in more than 500 hours of training courses. Save time and money.
In order to develop the knowledge-based Aras Free Zone and create entrepreneurship, the establishment of Aras International Growth Center is being finalized.
One of the most important activities in the region in the field of development of educational institutions is to facilitate and encourage the establishment of educational centers and institutions, the development of foreign language education and the promotion of technical and professional skills are among the main policies of the socio-cultural deputy in this regard.
At present, the site of higher education and technology in an area of ​​400 hectares, the study stages of which have been completed by prominent national consultants, is in the process of being handed over to investors in the field of higher education, technology and treatment.
Islamic Azad University of Aras-Jolfa International Branch
 International Branch of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences-Aras
Aras International Campus, University of Tabriz
Jolfa unit light message
Goldis Pardis Cultural and Artistic Institute

Aras Free Zone during the three recent economic, social and cultural development programs relying on knowledge-based management and capable consultants as well as motivated and specialized staff has become a pioneer region in the country and in terms of performance has indeed turned into a model for other free zones within the country and among countries of the region.

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