The ruins of the ruined mill waterfall
  Asiab-Kharabeh waterfall is located 35 km east of Jolfa and along the Jolfa-Sihroud road. Travertine water is flowing in this place and next to an abandoned water mill. This spring emerges from a gap between the travertine deposits and in fact this is the entrance gap of the cave which is 150 meters long and at the end it reaches a room where the main manifestation of the spring is. The water flow of this spring, after passing by the ruined mill, leads to a waterfall that has been formed due to the deposition of travertine deposits. The ruined mill waterfall is about 10 meters high and hydrophilic plants such as moss have grown en masse in its bed.

Other beautiful landscapes of the Ruined Mill Valley include the wavy and sloping folds of the Cretaceous flysch deposits on its left bank. These folds are often truncated and the alternation of sandstone and shale layers of flysch deposits has created beautiful landscapes of these folds. Existence of fossils and numerous sedimentary structures in the lower level of sandstone floors is another attraction of this area; Works that recount the biological activities of animals that lived on the bed of the Neuttis Sea about 70 million years ago and are the ancestors of some modern animals.

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