Travel Routes

Existence of the first parts of Alborz mountain range and high peaks in this region, including Kiamaki peak, which is the second highest peak of East Azerbaijan after Sahand (single peak), combined trips can be performed as follows:
Climb to Kiamki peak (Daran village)
Climbing Gechi Qalasi Mountain (Jolfa)
Climb to the peak of Kamtal (Black River)
Water and beach sports
The existence of the blessed and historical river Aras River can be the source of many fun and exciting trips, including:
Boating in the lakes behind Aras Dam, Khodafarin Dam and Golfaraj Dam
Rafting on the river Noja Mehr
Jet skiing and water skiing behind Aras Dam, Khodafarin Dam and Golfaraj Dam
Wind ride behind Aras Dam, Khodafarin Dam and Golfaraj Dam
Pedal yachts in Mountain Park Lake
Anthropological travels
Nomadic tourism during summer and winter times of different tribes of Eilat in Gholi Bigloo region (Khodaafarin)
Rural tourism in Ainaloo, Khomarloo, Oshtbin, etc. and staying in rural houses, eating local food and participating in various programs of villagers
Meeting the landscapes
Visiting and contemplating the wonders of nature is one of our suggestions for different tourists. like the:
Visit the ruined mill waterfall (Julfa-Siyehrood)
Visiting Maharan waterfalls (Gheshlagh village)
Visit to Ullar waterfall (Daran village)
Visiting old trees (Zavieh village)
Visit to Cheshmeh Ali, Zavieh village
Visiting Cheshmeh Imamzadeh, Siah Saran village
Visiting the spring of Aghbolagh village
Trips of agricultural richness in the region
Visit the apricot, sour cherry, almond, grape and pistachio orchards of Dasht Gardian (Hadishahr)
Accommodation in the fields of Golfaraj plain
Horse riding in Khodafarin area
Attending the Pomegranate Festival in Mardanqom village
Visiting the livestock methods of Morazad village (raising cattle and sheep)
Education and research in nature
Geological trips to the region and acquaintance with the geomorphological and morphological phenomena of Jolfa region, especially Ali Bash mountains of Jolfa (Permian-Triassic border)
Collection of fossils of several million years in the west of Julfa
Collection of medicinal plants specific to the region
Art trips to the heart of nature and the creation of works of art along with natural tourist attractions such as Kiamki Peak and Maharan.

Aras Free Zone during the three recent economic, social and cultural development programs relying on knowledge-based management and capable consultants as well as motivated and specialized staff has become a pioneer region in the country and in terms of performance has indeed turned into a model for other free zones within the country and among countries of the region.

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