Aras Free Zone Organization Code of Ethics

With faith in the will of the creator of the universe and in order to protect national and organizational interests, and satisfaction of the people of the zone who are our real assets, we believe the following principles:

  • Timely attendance at work and punctuality about colleagues and clients
  • Amiability and dignity about colleagues and clients
  • Help and compassionate services to clients as soon as possible and strive for their satisfaction and reasonable needs
  • Providing necessary information for colleagues to improve services and to accelerate implementing works in an optimal way
  • Doing duties effectively, efficiently, quickly and accurately, and consistent with the organizational rules
  • Avoiding gossip, calumny, slander and any action that may undermine intimacy and trust of colleagues
  • Confidentiality and avoiding disclosure of confidential and secret documents and customer information
  • Using appropriate cloths corresponding culture and conventions of the society
  • Avoiding wasteful and consumption of resources and organization’s assets
  • Creating balance between work and family life
  • Using properly the authority and organizational power
  • Understanding correctly the organization’s goals and setting them with individual goals in one line
  • Having responsibility against the work and the organization
  • Trying to increase knowledge and skills about the job

Aras Free Zone during the three recent economic, social and cultural development programs relying on knowledge-based management and capable consultants as well as motivated and specialized staff has become a pioneer region in the country and in terms of performance has indeed turned into a model for other free zones within the country and among countries of the region.

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