Tabriz is one of the major cities in Iran and the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province. Tabriz is the largest city in the northwest region of Iran and is known as the administrative, communication, commercial, political, industrial, cultural and military hub in this region. Based on the last census taken in 2007, the city of Tabriz with a population of over 1,378,935 people is considered as the fourth most populous city in Iran after Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan. This city due to the existence of many large industrial plants and the presence of over 600 [spare] parts manufacturing companies is the second most polluted city in the country and the second largest industrial city after Tehran. This city also due to being industrialized is considered as one of the most important migrant-residing cities in Iran. After Nabi-e-Akram Freeway was prepared the amount of passengers-taking of Tabriz was increased and this city after Mashhad was regarded as the second tourism city in the country. In regard to eradication of beggary in Tabriz, the city is known as a city without beggars.
The city of Tabriz is located in the west part of East Azerbaijan Province and at the very east and southeast side of Tabriz plain. This city is limited from the north to Poke-Chin and Aoun-e-Inb-e-Ali Mountains, from the northeast to Bababaghy and Gavazni Mountains, from the east to Payan Col and from the south to hillsides of Sahand Mountain. Tabriz weather is very cold in winter and is dry and warm in summer, although its temperature is moderated due to proximity to Sahand Mountain and the existence of many gardens around the city.


Ardebil is the capital city of Ardebil Province in the northwest of the country. Ardebil is one of the ancient and historical cities of Iran. This city is located at the vicinity of the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan and has great height and is considered as one of the coldest cities in Iran which has many natural attractions. This city is located 219 km away from Tabriz and 591 km away from Tehran.


Marand is one of the cities in East Azerbaijan Province and is the capital city of Marand district. This city with a population of 114,165 people in 2007 is considered as the third largest and most populous city in East Azerbaijan Province after the cities of Tabriz and Maragheh. Marand with an area of over 20 sq km is located 65 km away from the northwest of Tabriz.

Aras Free Zone during the three recent economic, social and cultural development programs relying on knowledge-based management and capable consultants as well as motivated and specialized staff has become a pioneer region in the country and in terms of performance has indeed turned into a model for other free zones within the country and among countries of the region.

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