38-persent growth of registered companies and institutes in Aras Free Zone in the first six monthes of this year (Mar - Sep 2010)


According to the legal director of Aras Free Zone Org, in the first six months of this year, 73 companies were registered in Aras Free Zone and the number has more than 38 percent growth compared with the same period in last year.
Public Relations and International Affairs of Aras free Zone Org reported that Javad Fathi announcing the news said: The registered companies include 22 commercial companies, 17 manufacturing companies, 23 service companies and 11 constructional companies.
He continued: However, in the same period last year, there was registered 8 companies in producing field, 9 companies in commercial field and 36 companies in the field of civil and services in this region.
He added: Comparison of subjective statistics of registered companies in Aras Free Zone in the past six months indicates good growth of investors' interest to present manufacturing and commercial fields in this region.
Fathi said: In the first 6 months of last year, 15 percent of the total registered companies was in production field and the number have been reached to 23 percent in the same period in this year which shows increasing investors' interests to participate in production field in this region.
He continued: Also in the mentioned period of last year, only 17 percent of registered companies in this area was in commercial field that it has increased to 31 percent in this year and therefore in this period compared with same period of last year investors' interest for commercial activities in Aras Free Zone has increased.
He added: The registered companies in Aras Free Zone include 7 Iran - foreign company, 1 foreign company and 65 companies with domestic capital.
It is mentioned that Aras Free Zone is located in the North West of Iran in East Azarbaijan province frontier with Rep. Azerbaijan, Rep. Nakhchivan and Rep. Armenia, including parts of Jolfa and Kaleibar governerships and includes 51,000 hectares.
Aras Free Zone Org started its offical activities after notifying its area in the middle of 1384 (summer of 2005), and after chaging the arae and notifying it in 1388 (2009), the activity of the zone has entered a new phase and providing infrastructures by Aras Free Zone Org and presence of foreign and domestic investors in it is growing well.

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