Iran’s Free Zones, Best Hub for Foreign Investment


Given the current global economic situation and global economic conditions and the crises gripped the economy as well as specific investment facilities in Iran’s free zones, these zones are the best choice for the presence of foreign investors in the country.
According to a report released by the Public Relations and International Affairs Dept. of Aras Free Zone Organization, Sadeq Najafi the Head of this Organization, in his visit with the ambassadors of Brunei and Malaysia, announced the above statement and said: “Special legal privileges along with the low production costs in these zones have reduced final costs of goods and consequently, higher value added is produced for the investors.”
While describing the advantages of Aras Free Zone for the foreign investment, he reiterated: “Cheap energy, manpower, workforce, fuel and electricity and other privileges such as 20-year tax exemptions and also exemption from payment of customs duties have provided suitable ground for the presence of foreign investors in Iran’s free zones.”
He added: “With its old civilization, Aras Free Zone is home to many historical monuments and numerous tourism and recreational places and also enjoys possibility of establishing communications in the field of tourism.”
He placed special emphasis on the capabilities of Aras Free Zone and added: “Located in the East-West corridor and area of CIS (Commonwealth Independent States) countries, 400-million market of the neighboring countries, nearness to Turkey as a gateway to Europe, neighboring with the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, having a rail, road and transit communications routes, existence of five international campuses for country’s leading universities in MA and Ph.D. degrees and also existence of suitable infrastructures and large customs warehouses are of the salient advantages of this economic zone in northwest of the country.
While emphasizing on boosting relations of East Azarbaijan and specially Aras Free Zone and Malaysia in the field of economic and tourism discussions, he said: “With boosting their economic and tourism relations, the Muslim and friend countries of Malaysia, Brunei and Iran can promote economic level and tourism industry as well.”
With his official invitation from the ambassadors of Malaysia and Brunei, the senior official of the Organization requested them to visit the Aras Free Zone and were briefed on the facilities and activities of this Zone.
It should be noted that ambassadors of Malaysia and Brunei visited the governor general of East Azarbaijan Province and Head of provincial Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization yesterday evening.
The delegation will visit industrial and production capabilities of this province in the coming days as well.

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