126 million dollar goods transited from Aras free zone abroad / The foreign transit from Aras free zone has had 58 percent growth.


As a result of transiting 36,855,000 kg of goods in 2011, the foreign transits from Aras free zone has had 58 percent growth.
Reported by Aras free zone organization public relations and international affairs, the deputy of economics and investment issues of Aras free zone organization has declared “based on the statistics of Aras free zone custom, during 2011, about 37 thousand tons goods approximately valuing 126 million dollar have been transited via this zone`s custom”.
Iraj Hatami added “during the similar period in 2000, the dollar value of foreign transit was 79 million and the weight value was 36 thousand tons”.
He declared the majority of transited items from Aras free zone in the mentioned period include machinery components, clothes, manual tools, nuts, almonds, pistachio, raisin, toys, hygienic faucet, tea, plastic objects.
He pointed out “during the mentioned period, exports from Aras free zone with a value of 122 billion Rial, have had 63 percent growth”.
Aras free trade and industrial zone with 4 detached parts is situated in North West of Iran neighboring Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan, and beside Aras River.


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