Trading with Neighbors: Armenia’s Potentials


Armenia is the only country among the Eurasian Economic and Customs Union that shares land border with Iran, thus becoming a connecting bridge between Iran and this Union.

Iran, a country with a predominantly Muslim population, borders its northern border with a predominantly Armenian country. The border between Iran and Armenia is the smallest and only water border through the Aras River for 45 km among the 15 countries that share a border with Iran, according to the Public Relations & Intl. Affairs of AFZ org. quoting from I.R.B Research Service.

But these two features not only did not degrade the level of relations between the two countries, but also made it a model for interfaith neighborliness. Although Armenia is a small country compared to Iran, in terms of cultural and civilizational richness, both countries have the same and common background and therefore have stable relations.

Opportunities and Obstacles

Nurduz is one of the villages of East Azarbaijan province in Jolfa city on the banks of Aras River, which is actually the main border between Iran and Armenia. About two million people travel to Armenia through this border point every year. Iranian gas is also exported to Armenia from this border point.

Given what has been said, Iran and Armenia are good trading partners for each other, especially since there are no serious obstacles to cooperation between the two countries.

Establishing free trade relations and agreeing to implement joint border projects in the field of transportation and railways, building a dam and exploiting joint water resources in the Aras River are the first steps to promote these relations.

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