Following the Visit of Economic Delegation of the Province to Republic of Azerbaijan; Areas of Joint Cooperation between Tabriz and Baku in the Fields of Technology and Water Reserves looked into


The Deputy Governor for Coordination of Economic Affairs of East Azerbaijan met with the Chairman of the Innovation Agency of Azerbaijan and the Chairman of the Azerbaijan Water Reserves Agency on June 29th to discuss the areas of joint cooperation.

Ali Jahangiri, in a meeting with the head of the Azerbaijan Innovation Agency, which was also attended by the economic advisor of the Iranian embassy in Baku, introduced the province's capabilities in various fields of technology and knowledge-based companies and invited Azeri companies to participate in the Renotex Exhibition in Tabriz.

Tural Karimli, head of the Azerbaijan Innovation Agency, while announcing his readiness to support the establishment of Iranian knowledge-based companies and startups in the science and technology parks of Azerbaijan, explained the manner and conditions of admission of Iranian companies.

The Deputy Governor of East Azerbaijan also met with the head of the Azerbaijan Water Reserves Agency and the Commercial Counselor of the Iranian Embassy in Baku to introduce the province's technical and engineering capacities and announce the readiness of the province's companies to implement joint water and soil projects with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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