We Are Optimistic About Iran-Belarus Economic Ties Expansion, Says Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus


The expansion of economic and trade relations is important for both countries and has a special priority, and we are optimistic about the expansion of economic and trade relations.

The Ambassador of Belarus to our country Dmitry Kaltsov during his one-day visit to Aras on Monday 27 Dec. and in a meeting with the CEO of the organization said: "There have been good relations between the two countries in the past, and economic and trade relations have a special priority for the two countries." Public Relations & Intl. Affairs of AFZ Org. reported.

"According to the visits we had to Aras, along with the potentials and many facilities that exist in this region, very good investments have been made in its industrial and agricultural fields,” said Dmitry Kaltsov,  indicating the Aras' great resolution for economic growth and development.

The CEO of Aras Free Zone Organization, pointing to some of the measures taken in the field of economy and investment in Aras, said: "During these 9 months, we’ve supplied over 105,000 tons of agricultural products to domestic and foreign markets, and this amount of production growth shows 25% compared to same period last year.

Touching upon the trade and economic relations of Aras with Azerbaijan and Armenia, Mohsen Nariman added: “Despite the existing tension between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, we have good relations with both countries and we strive to expand cooperation and trade and economic transactions with both countries. "

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