Nariman: Aras Development Owes to Region’s Security; We Seek to Revive the Border Crossing in Aras Limits with Azerbaijan and Make Maximum Use of Capacity of the Nurduz Border


The CEO of Aras Free Zone Organization said: "We owe the development of Aras in different sectors to the security in this region."

In a joint meeting with the East Azarbaijan Police Commander, Mohsen Nariman added: "The development and success of the Aras Free Zone Organization in various sectors in recent years is due to security, which has been obtained due to the efforts of law enforcement and other security and military institutions." Aras Public Relations & Intl. Affairs Reporeted.

Nariman said: "This organization considers the provision of infrastructure, development and progress and providing conditions for the continuation of sustainable security in the region as its duty and tries to continue the current development movement by interacting and cooperating with other agencies."

"Currently, the Aras Free Zone Organization, based on its comparative advantage, seeks to revive the border crossing within the Aras Free Zone with the Republic of Azerbaijan and make maximum use of the capacity of the Nurduz border to provide conditions for economic actors in the Eurasian Union market." He said

The police commander of East Azerbaijan province also said in the meeting: "In the current situation, economic arena is the most important battlefield of the enemy against our beloved country, and with the cooperation and empathy that exists in East Azerbaijan, we see a safe environment for progress in the province."

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