Jolfa Railway Is Plus for Expanding Trade Capacity of Iran and Azerbaijan, Emphasizes Iranian Consul General in Nakhchivan


The Consul General of Iran in Nakhchivan considered the Jolfa Railway as a great advantage for Aras Free Zone and East Azerbaijan in order to increase trade capacity between Iran and Azerbaijan.

Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Nakhchivan, in a meeting attended by the Deputy Coordinator of Economic Affairs of East Azerbaijan Province, members of the Board and some deputies and managers of Aras, the Governor of Jolfa and some military commanders and heads of departments, pointing out the importance and position of Jolfa Railway and the importance of taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the railway connection platform, said: "Considering the developments in the region and the tripartite memorandum between Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, the existence of Jolfa Railway in Aras Free Zone is a plus for Aras and East Azerbaijan in expanding the trade capacities of Iran and Azerbaijan and other countries in the region.

Mr. Kalami the Deputy Governor of East Azerbaijan referring to the 13th government's approach to increasing interactions with neighboring countries, said: "The main approach of the 13th government is to upturn economic relations with neighboring states, and in this regard, new missions have been defined for border provinces to be able to boost their trade with neighboring countries or countries that are under the economic influence of those provinces, such as Eurasian countries, which are under the economic influence of East Azerbaijan.

Mr. Karimi a member of the board of directors of Aras Free Zone Organization said in the meeting: "Maximizing the use of health tourism opportunities in the target countries of Nakhchivan and the Republic of Azerbaijan, requires cooperation, collaboration and participation of different parts of the country at national and provincial levels; a specific group, such as the Aras Free Zone Organization or the provincial government are not expected to manage the process alone.

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