Erzurum Turkey delegation begins negotiations with Aras Free Zone managers

Ten Turkish businessmen from Erzurum entered Aras as a delegation to discuss and negotiate investment and bilateral cooperation.
According to Aras Free Zone Public Relations and International Affairs, the trade delegation, which comprises ten economic activists in the metal industry, food, petrochemical, heavy machinery, agricultural and animal sciences and road construction sectors, after visiting Aras and Maku Free Zones, they will hold talks with the CEOs of the areas.
The trip is aimed at exploring investment opportunities and expanding business and economic exchanges.
Chairman of TUMSIAD as a member of the delegation on the reasons for the trip, said: During the trip while visiting different cities and meeting new opportunities and advantages of investment in Iran, especially Aras and Maku Free Zones, we will meet many representatives of these sectors in the fields of agriculture, construction, information, transportation, food production, plastics and mutual trade.
"The good political and economic relations between Turkey and Iran have provided us with the opportunity to utilize both countries' capacities for economic growth and prosperity, and Erzurum's proximity to the Maku Free Zone has enabled close economic relations," said Ibrahim Gozutuk.
We are interested in strengthening our economic activities in Iran, and we are trying to increase the level of trade relations between the two countries, by meeting officials and representatives of Iranian industry leaders, he said.
Safar Shasfand, deputy of Economic and Investment of Aras Free Zone, also discussed the advantages and incentives of investment and the rules for registering a company and establishing a production unit in Aras Free Zone.
It is worth mentioning that this staff is a subsidiary of the Association of Turkish Businessmen and industrialists, which was established in 2005 to serve small and medium-sized (SMEs) businesses. This association was founded to help create and develop the business environment and environment needed to do business in the local and foreign markets, and has 56 branches in Turkey and 10 overseas agencies.

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