Meeting of the Ambassadors of the Eurasian Union Member States to be held in Aras

Head of the Board and CEO of the Aras Free Zone Organization announced the holding of a joint meeting with the ambassadors of the Eurasian Economic Union member states in Aras this year.
Public Relations & Intl. Affairs / Aras FZ - On the sidelines of the meeting with Gholamreza Ansari, Deputy Minister of Diplomacy and Economic Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, Mohsen Nariman announced the organization's joint cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the presence of ambassadors of Eurasian Economic Union member states in Aras this year.
“In order to expand Iran's interaction and economic and trade relations with the countries of Eurasia and the Caucasus region using the capacity of the Aras Free Zone, it was decided that the necessary arrangements should be made for the presence of ambassadors of the member countries in the Aras Free Zone this year.
The Deputy Foreign Minister for Diplomacy and Economy also noted that Armenia is the only member of the Eurasian Union that shares a land border with Iran. “This is a very important factor that we should grasp the opportunity to introduce the Armenia-Iran route as a transit road for transporting Iranian goods to the Eurasian Union which is of high significance for us,” he said.
Mr. Ansari added that it is necessary to benefit from the capabilities and capacities of Aras Free Zone as the only gateway to the Eurasia region and CIS states, to increase cooperation and transactions with them taking nonoil exports approach.

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