Aras Free Zone, an Ideal Destination for Brunei Businessmen to Invest in Iran, Issue Discussed at Brunei Ambassador Meeting with Iranian Official in AFZ


Hojatollah Abdol Maleki, in a meeting with the ambassador of Brunei to Iran, said: “We welcome the expansion of bilateral economic cooperation with Brunei, and among these, the role of the free and special economic zones of our country in the development of relations with Brunei is a priority for the secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones”, Public Relations & Intl. Affairs of AFZ reported.

“Since Brunei is an independent country, we can hope for the expansion of bilateral economic relations”, he added.

Majid Kiani, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Aras Free Zone Organization, also pointed out the wealth of the people of Brunei and noted: “Undoubtedly, the capabilities and easy investment conditions in Aras can be attractive to Bruneian investors”.

He said that Aras Free Zone Organization has prepared investment packages, which, along with providing the required land and other infrastructure, has also issued the necessary permits for each of these packages.

Haji Ismail ben Haji Abdul Manap, Ambassador of Brunei Darussalam to Tehran, thanked the Aras Free Zone Organization for the invitation and warm hospitality and said: “Although Brunei is a small country with a population of less than 500,000, due to abundant oil and gas resources, they have good economic conditions and their relations with Iran are growing”.

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